• john gerber minneapolis art artist


    11x14 • Mixed on Canvas

  • john gerber minneapolis art artist

    Reclining Nude

    mixed media 96 x 36

  • Midsummer Session #1

    2-pieces 30"x48". Combined size: 61" wide x 48"tall

  • sold

    Royalty ll

    Original Painting on Canvas • 36x48

  • Art That Impacts.

    Your space is about you,
    and what YOU love:
    Gerber originals in different sample settings.

    john gerber minneapolis art artist
    john gerber minneapolis art artist
  • john gerber minneapolis art artist

    About John Gerber

    Mostly, I like to let my work speak for itself, but of course my experience and story tells a lot about who you will be working with.


    So, here is a little about me. The story is a lot longer... but you can ask me for the rest.


    I have a fine art degree from the University of MN and have 20+ years of extensive creative experience including both fine art and commercial. My fine art is all over the country and I am extremely pleased and blessed to have clients and collectors far and wide.


    In addition, my 20 years of being an entrepreneur allows a different perspective on problem solving, budgeting and scheduling.


    My love for good design, as well as having had fine art exhibitions in fantastic galleries, and many, many recommendations you can read on LinkedIn, assures you I have the experience and creativity to get you something special. If we don't fit, I can help find you the people that will. I want your end result to be perfect whether I have the honor of doing it myself or not.

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    Buy Confidently.

    John Gerber is Proudly Part of

    Griffin Gallery.


    5222 West 78th Street
    Minneapolis, MN 55435


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